Claire Saint

singer - songwriter



„Music is my elixir“ is not only the main statement of the first single of Claire Saints debut album, it is also her life motto.

As Marie-Claire Toussaint born and raised in Berlin, she got to know a lot of different types of art, especially music. Next to a comprehensive education while going to school (singing in a choir, conducting, singing, music as an advanced course), she took piano, guitar and singing lessons. She was part of several bands and started within different music projects to write her own songs. In 2009, she released her first EP „Cover me“ with four songs in English that can still be found on her SoundCloud page.

The real transition started when she met Florian Streso in 2015, who was also doing music. She had the voice and the melodies he was always searching for, he had the lyrics she always wanted to sing. Within the project „Claireffendi“, they produced wonderful, self-written songs. Some of these songs will also be released on Claire Saints debut album.

She is producing her first album mainly in America at the Shuffle Brother Studios. Together with Gideon Klein and Gabriel Klein she is giving the very deep and authenic texts an unique sound that inspires the listener and raises a very new type of pop music.

After Claire Saint finished school, she lived in Nashville for 8 months.Having the chance to stay with the musician Neal Morse and his family, she built a connection to the land, the people, the music and the language overthere. That is why, she decided to split up her album into 2 EP’s, one part with 6 songs in German and one part with 6 songs in English. This shall describe Claire Saints life between and within these two worlds. The album title aims at the perspective of her life and will be announced in August. The German EP will be released in the fall, the international EP will hopefully be out at the end of this year. 

Right now, there is a small concert tour planned in Germany (Leipzig, Berlin) and America (Nashville). After that, she is planning on going to Brazil for three months to make music, tour and encounter the Brazilian music market. That is why, she is learning Portugese at the moment.

Claire Saint has a lot of stage experience because of several singing and choir concerts in different countries (Hungary, Estonia, Italy, annual concerts at the Konzerthaus and in the Philharmonie Berlin). It feels like home for her when she gets the opportunity to sing infront of an audience. She also sang at weddings and company events before and still offers the option to book her for those occasions (if you are interested, please contact her via the contact form).


  • 4.201Backing Vocals for the Album ‚Mighty to Save’ - Neal Morse 
  • 07.08.2012/03.09.2014Performances for a pharmaceutical company 
  • 29.08.2015/20.08.2016Wedding gigs 
  • 11.2016Backing Vocals for Holland-Tour of Neal Morse 
  • 24.11.2017Jingle production for KISS FM Berlin 
  • 07.08.2018Jingle production for Planet Radio 
  • 14./15. 09.2018Backing choir at Morsefest 
  • 19.03.2019Jingle Produktion for KISS FM Canada 
  • 28.05.2019Pitch Song production